Laser Tattoo


LOOKING for the best professional treatment to undo your tattoos with less downtime and perfect results?

Welcome to the Matrix Picosecond Laser non-invasive treatment procedure. It's safe, fast and effective. This Picosecond Technology is Known as the new generation of lasers. Not only is it more effective in the Tattoo removal process it cuts the amount of treatments needed by half the time. Even with the most difficult ink colors or previously treated tattoos can now be removed.

Matrix Picosecond Laser has the capacity to treat all skin tones and 90% ink colours of your tattoo (excluding ink containing titanium).

Our experienced technicians use the most Advanced Medical Grade Picosecond Laser with 3 separate wavelengths. 1064nm: this wavelength hits black, which is the deepest and easiest to remove. 532nm: this wavelength hits red/orange/green/blue etc, which are the most shallow in the skin.

The energy that is emitted from our laser is called photoacoustic energy (sound based) in as little as in 8 to 10 treatments to remove the tattoo and one month interval between each sessions. Unlike the nano technology Q switch lasers that are photothermal (heat based) which are more then double the amounts of treatments 15 to 20 to remove a tattoo and 3 month intervals between each session. Essentially, photoacoustic laser shatters pigment ink into minuscule fragments that are carried out of the body via the Lymphatic system and are rendered complete harmless.The Matrix Picosecond Laser is the most sophisticated Medical grade laser on the market to date.

That's why you'll see great results and faster healing time.