Frequently Asked Questions

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How many treatments do I need to remove my tattoo?

Generally, most tattoos take between 6-10 sessions. Some Tattoos, due to the type of ink, depth and density may require more treatment.

What if I want a cover up?

Lightening up OLD tattoos before they can be covered by a NEW Design, requires 2-5 treatments.Pay as you go is a great option for you.

How much will laser tattoo removal cost?

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The following factors determines how many sessions you require:
-The density of ink.
-The age and size of your Tattoo and the location of the tattoo on your body.
Additionally, your body’s ability to dispose of the ink helps determines the number of treatments

What's the gap between each treatment?

Removing the ink from your skin is a process that requires a course of treatments. The Laser is used to break down the ink into tiny particles so they can then be removed by the cells of the immune system and then carried out through your lymphatic system. We aim treat your tattoo every 4-6 weeks apart depending on each person's immune system and their ability to heal.

Will there be any scaring or marks left?

Matrix Picosecond technology ensures that there is NO scaring or damage to the skin after your laser treatment.

What should I do before my treatment?

Wash and clean the whole area prior to your treatments. Clean shave the entire area the night before. Avoid using any lotions or ointments. No Sun exposure 1 week prior to the treatment. No fake tan on the area. Wear comfortable clothing for ease of access during the treatment ,also to avoid friction on the area after the treatment. Eat a few hours prior to treatment.

List of Precautions To consider before your treatment

Please note we can not go ahead with Laser if you tick any of the boxes
- Wait 6 months after Accutane therapy.- History of photosensitivity to infrared light.
- Pregnancy.
- Seizure disorders.
- Photosensitizing Medications: Medications that induce photosensitivity.
- Active skin infection: Avoid treatment of pen wounds and skin that is actively infected.
- Medications that you must not be on when receiving laser are - Antibiotics, aspirin and antihistamines and Ibuprofen all cause photosensitivity - Recently tanned skinned cannot be treated. A client must avoid sun for 2 weeks before all laser treatments ,Otherwise blisters may occur.
- Fake tan must be discontinued for a week prior treatment.Preparation before all laser treatments
- Wash and clean the skin, shave any hair the night before.
- Avoid all creams and lotions to area
- Apply a thick layer of Numbing Cream and wrap in cling film 2 hours before your appointment.

What is involved in aftercare?

As with most procedures, proper aftercare is important to speed up healing process and eliminate ink removal. Professional aftercare instructions will be provided by our technician on the day of your 1st treatment. This assures you enjoy your visit and have a 100% success rate.

What to expect after a treatment?

There is no down time for Matrix's Laser Tattoo removal. Most clients go straight back to work after their treatment. Some may experience a little redness, minor swelling or light blistering, temporary itching, a slight raising of the tattoo, all these effects are quite norman . However, they are only temporary. As your skin will heal completely as per our aftercare instructions.

Does The Procedure Hurt?

It's important to know that most treatments take just 30 seconds to 2 minutes to complete. The discomfort is less than getting the tattoo and the treatment time is much quicker than receiving a tattoo. We offer a skin numbing cream during the procedure alongside a powerful chilling machine that blows cold air on the skin before, during, and after treatments.